Sunday, March 3, 2013

Friday Rage

Just got a call from Amy to tell me that she got home from work (3:30), and was "asked" to wait until people returned from shopping (as of 5, not home from shopping yet).  There have to be two people on duty for Amy to be toileted, and as some people were shopping, there was only one caregiver at the house.  

No answer calling her Q (another new one, though her voicemail still names MeanyCold -- that's 3 Q's ago) or the community living director (her number didn't work), so I had to try the only other person I could think of, the executive director.  At 4:55 on a Friday, executive director answers her phone, says she'll put me in touch with the community living director ASAP. 

Talk to Amy again, she is being toileted by the sole caregiver on duty.  One of the senior staff had said to the caregiver, in front of Amy, that Amy could wait to use the toilet, since she'd waited 8 hour before.  

Community living director calls me back to say not "Sorry, this will be handled", but to tell me there is no problem.  The sole caregiver, says Community Living Director, NEVER told Amy she couldn't go to the toilet -- that was someone else.  

Uhhhhhhhh... hello?

Senior staff members says Amy can wait to pee since she's waited 8 hours before (even though Amy is to be toilet without question every day after work).  Two staff must be on duty for Amy to use the toilet.  After senior staff left, there was only one staff on duty, so Amy couldn't be toileted, and she knew it, and so she told me what happened and asked me to handle it.  

In the past, we've been asked NOT to ask staff to provide care they are not authorized to give (as in asking single care giver to toilet Amy alone.  

But of course, as always, the agency is perfect, the agency can do no wrong, we are trouble, Amy is a liar, we are liars, there is not problem, this is a great place.  So says the agency.  

CANNOT WAIT to know for certain she is leaving this place.
"Get me outta here" says Amy.  


I'm so bad a blogging.  Stuff like this happens constantly.   


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