Friday, March 8, 2013

Managed Care

Amy is overdue for botox injections -- they were due October 2011.  It's not for vanity.  Amy gets botox injections to release her spastic muscles.  Her spasms are so intense they hurt her, make it difficult to sleep, and make it hard to position her comfortably.

Anyway, her house has been dropping the ball again and again.

She was finally going in on Monday, but it's cancelled.  Why?  Because Illinois moved their medicaid patients to managed care, and the managed care plan doesn't cover this treatment.

It also only covers up to 18 dollars on glasses frames and up to 30 dollars on lenses, which doesn't get you far when you are a -9.5.

They also don't cover her preferred psychologist or neurologist.

So Mondays appointment is cancelled.  I will now resume spinning my wheels, through first I must focus on spinning my wheels on trying to get her new glass since she snapped her glasses yesterday.  Her backup glasses.  Her real glasses broke in November 2011, but have yet to be replaced because her house will not take her.  Sis is going to take her on Sunday, and we'll pay for them, because there is no other choice.

God, I hate everyone and everything right now.


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