Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hat/headband/fascinator Progress!

I found more pictures!  This one give a view of the top of head head and I'm beginning to see how this is done.  I am considering buying a tired old one on ebay so I can get a feel for how its pieced, and try it on to see if this is really something I want to spend my time on. 

Photo via Rock 'n Roll Bride.

More pictures at Bridal Bar Blog and Southern Weddings Magazine.

We were totally planning an old timey wedding before we saw this, but if giant toasting glasses make an appearance at our wedding -- yeah, those would be copied from here.


ActiveLove said...

I am one of two members of your blog. your mom in law 2 B is the other. just read the whole blog. you're a great journalist, al!!

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