Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Holy Awesome Mail Streak!

Like the subject says!  We got mail!  Walker, Charlie, Frankie and I got home from a day of work, veterinarian visits, watching the Amish plow a field with horses in Arthur, and intensive thrifting in Mattoon & Charleston (I love you spring break), to find a package awaiting us!
Thank you Leslie for the awesome day of the dead bride and groom!  We love them!
They are wirey and posable, just like Walker (see picture)!  Unfortunately, even Yoda couldn't spark enthusiasm in Frankie, who got three shots and spent over two hours in the car.
Also in the package was this rad hat, that I know D had emailed me about previously, but I never emailed back about.  I'm so bad this term (Sorry, D!).  It is super cute, but I'm still pretty hell bent on finding the perfect 50's floral half-hat.
Thanks, Leslie and D!


ActiveLove said...

what great friends you and walker have!! the hat is good. looking for floral?? put some fake ones on it and call it a day. heh heh.
the bracelet looks lovely on your petite wrist. i mean it--petite.

Anonymous said...

Well keep the hat. It could be worn anytime in summer and it looks cute on you. Glad you enjoyed!

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