Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Yesterday, Mom and I trekked all over the burbs collecting plates for the wedding -- and posing with ceramic objects.  It was the longest day ever, not because of the number of thrift stores, but because I wanted it to be the next day so badly!

And finally, today is the day!  Mom and I woke up at three this morning and left for the hospital by four. By five we were parked on the Neil Diamond floor of the parking garage and cursing that the pedestrian bridge to the hospital does not open till 6.

Please note that in the picture below, Mom is STANDING.  Also, note that she is a luggage reformist.  That is the not the traditional K-family luggage of a laundry basket, but rather a Rubbermaid Roughneck bin.  What happened to mom's suitcase?  Or ANY of the suitcases?
And now she's in surgery. They kicked me out of the pre-op room as they were about to give her spinal epidural thing that will keep her leg "jelly" (as she called it this morning). No general anesthetic, just a light sedative that will keep her asleep, but she'll still breathe on her own.
I'm sacked out on a couch in the family waiting room.  Also, I am wearing her socks.


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