Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So glad you were on craigslist.

A year, a week, and six days ago today, on Walker's 27th birthday, we drove to a vet in Arthur to pick up a cat we had adopted sight unseen off of craigslist.  We could have her, but only if we agreed to have her fixed, and not until we had her fixed.  Her owner had dropped her at the vet that morning. 

That evening we picked up a glassy eyed, sedated, 5 lb, year old cat name Caticula with a shaved pink belly. I asked the vet, is she blind?  No, just sedated, said the vet.

In the last year she has packed on two pounds, and changed her name to Charlie Wickett.  We now know that her eyes are always glassy. 

Also in the last year, Frankie (shout out to Logan County Animal Control -- wooooo!) has developed a pretty impressive older sister death stare.  You can really feel her pain as she watches Charlie eat from both food bowls and then block her from getting to hers.


Margaret said...

Nice post. Especially touching for me since Scott and I will be hitting the shelter(s) later this week to look for our new kitty(ies). We had to say goodbye to Jake on Saturday, after 15 years. We miss him.

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