Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Annie-palooza and Mom-fest.

After a what felt like a whole lotta used car shopping, my sis has a new-to-her car, complete with her first set of airbags!  Giddy up, Sis!

In honor of this glorious occassion, Mom came to get her Scion (copycat!) back from Annie, and since she was here, we put her to work.

On Saturday morning, we hit the succulents at Prairie Gardens.  The weather Sunday was amazing, and we spent the day on the porch potting and sipping beverages.  I set to work filling each milkglass centerpiece and Mom repotted all of our Boston ferns.

Never one to miss a party, Annie came to visit the new vehicle.  Indoor clumsy cat was brought outside for cuddling, by Annie.  Aaaand ended up in a hanging basket -- possibly my fault.  

I'm so tired, so I'll let the pictures do the talking.  Overflowing ferns, baskets of flowers, road safe cars, an abundance of succulents, dirty fingernails, cold drinks, and a glorious porch.  And my Mom!


ActiveLove said...

the pics bring back the whole weekend for me. loved it..................

Anne said...

the hanging flower baskets look beauuutiful.

karen said...


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