Wednesday, December 29, 2010


After a glorious week in the Boston area with the McG's, a visit with my hometown friends who live in Boston, and a short-distance phone call to a college friend rendered unvisitable by a blizzard, we are in Trinidad on our honeymoon.  Super kudos go out to Rika, our travel advisor/friend. 

We left Boston at 5 am.  This photo taken at 3 am.

We are not at our best at this hour.  Nor were we 16 hours later when we went through customs, where the man was wowed by Walker's lack of the dreadlocks compared to his passport photo.  He told me I didn't look like mine either.  I look GREAT in my passport photo, so, thanks, dude. 

 The woman at the immigration desk asked us if we had any camouflage clothing, then stamped our passports.  And ideas as to what that was about?

POS airport is calm and easy, and the city of Port of Spain is nowhere as gritty and hustle bustle as Lonely Planet has advised.  This is not Mumbai, in about 1000 different ways.  Perhaps that trip thoroughly seasoned us.

The man who checked us in to our hotel room also turned our TV for us, and turned it to the WB. 

Changing currency at the bank, Walker was identified as Jesse White, the name of the Secretary of State on his driver's license.  

Taking the ferry to Tobago tomorrow, maybe.  Whatever.  We're on vacation.


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