Saturday, January 22, 2011

Big Baby.

Niece number four is now three months old!  She's doubled in size, and is still the tiniest, most adorable baby ever, but suddenly with so much more movement and expression.  She's making me work harder to get sharp photos.

Lexi, you are a gift.  Your sweet smile and spirit are easy to get wrapped up in.  They bring something new to family time -- something new and glorious.  You are the flip side to the sadness we all feel.  The only way to go is forward, and you are making sure of that.

Your sister adores you, and it's fun for me to see how I must have felt when Annie was born.  You are the greatest thing in the world to her.  Unfortunately, from her point of view, other people see that too, and it cuts in on her attention.  Your eyes are huge and wide when  we play patty cake with you facing her.  Of course, there are no photos, because we were playing on what I think of as the "low light couch".

You make me understand having kids.  You are the flip side to the sadness.  We are mortal, and it is the saddest thing.  I miss the family that no longer surrounds me in the flesh -- grandparents, Phil, Biggie -- but there will be more family, more happiness.  


Luckless Pedestrian said...

Beautiful thoughts, beautiful pics!

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