Saturday, March 5, 2011

Engagement Photos of Married People

Our two biggest expenditures for our wedding were the music and our photographer.  We want great music to surround us and feed our fun, and we wanted great photos to take away from the day.  

We were going to skip engagement photos, but read it's a great way to get familiar with your photographer and get comfortable having your photo taken, and what the heck -- we've never had photos taken of us before.  

Kari Beford rules.  I'll post about our AMAZING wedding photos soon, but today, engagement photos.  We had fun, and she made us look good.  This is such an understatement.  I hate having my photo taken, and was a nervous wreck.  One of us may have been wearing dirty un-ironed clothes.  She put us at ease, and we felt like we were hanging out with a friend.  And she drove mud-covered us around in her van.


MsMolly said...

These are fantastic! You two couldn't be any more cute!

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