Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My mom.

My mom died on May 5. My whole world is upside down, everything is different. When my stepbrother died on November 8, I was able to find words to describe the horrible ache inside of me, but I'm not able to do that this time.

I might have to skip this whole section for now, and just start sharing our next steps of building our new life with my sisters, and with W's mom and my Aunt Jane, wife of my mom's only sibling.

Annie made this video for our mom's memorial service, held at her home nine days after she left this place. All week, mom's voice filled our home as Annie watched family video after family video, capturing bits of footage. One night we sat down and went through every family photo -- enough photos to fill a tightly packed Scion, not counting the 30,000 plus digital images. Annie is amazing. This is her tribute to our mom.

Kim Kelly Memorial Video from Anne Kelly on Vimeo.


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