Monday, August 22, 2011

Blue skies.

In December of 2009, Amy moved out of my mom's and into an independent living facility.  Mom couldn't do it anymore.  Amy requires A LOT of physical care, and it saps your ability to provide emotional care, where you are really needed.  Mom was disabled herself, and had recently broken her femur.

It became clear almost immediately the house was not the right fit.  Amy elected to move into the house under the impression that two of the older (much older) residents with dementia were going to be moving out, and younger blood moving in.  And then they didn't move out, and Amy has lived in a nursing home like environment, with no socialization and limited intellectual stimulation since that time.  I will not get into the other issues at this time because it is my hope that will soon all be in the past.  Mom visited her weekly and brought her home every weekend.  She felt sick that Amy was there.

Amy was immediately placed on a million other waiting lists.  And we waited. 

Last week we got a call.  Today we paid a visit.  A coed home, coed staff, small town near a small city, part of a national network of services.  A staff that supports independence while providing full time care. Wide hallways, roll in showers, warm and invested people.

My mom would be crying with happiness.

I don't want to get too excited.  A lot of steps and many ducks to be put in a row before it's a done deal.  But the fog is clearing.  Clouds are lifting.  There is light.

We all went to lunch feeling happy in our hearts, and relieved.

I'll keep you posted.


Monica said...

Yay for good news for Amy! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

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