Friday, October 21, 2011

Our Favorite Marine

I will rail against Target putting out Christmas stuff and calling the holiday season before Halloween, but our favorite Marine rules for getting a leg up on the coming gift giving season.  Main man's brother,  LCPL John Corydon W., currently deployed in Sangin, Afghanistan, asks that instead of sending him care packages this November, donate a toy or make a donation to your local Toys for Tots in his honor.   I love this guy.

Corydon writes:
"The mail system in Afghanistan is already slow to begin with, and the amount of mail it receives during the holidays triples. So I figure instead of sending packages that will sit on Camp Leatherneck, why not spend that money and care making sure that a child has a chance for a happy holiday season. I feel tremendously blessed that I have a family and friends that cares about me so much and about our country and communities. Thank you all for donating, and I will see you all next spring when I rotate home."


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