Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rock on, Hanuman


Weeks later, I am still addicted to song by MC Yogi I heard late at night on a NPR radio show I'd never heard before, and now love, Snap Judgement

Rock On Hanuman 
Hanuman G, son of the wind / lord of the monkeys Rama’s best friend / you eliminate illusion and destroy all sin / and your known as Shiva’s incarnation / champion of truth with the thunderbolt body / the mighty monkey god who embodies bhakti / your the breath of Ram, Prana Shakti / you achieve victory like the movie Rocky / you carry a club to smash the thugs / your the perfect servant the embodiment of love / you’re the face of Grace and your heart is pure / you make the whole demon race tremble when you roar in service of the Lord your the demon destroyer / also known as the king of all warriors your compassion in action devotion in motion / with the strength to leap the length of the ocean chorus 

Rock On, Hanuman Rock On, Rock On 

Hanuman G, you have the power / to be as small as a cat or as tall as a tower you devour lust, ignorance, envy and greed / you succeed and never cower in the hour of need / you leapt to Lanka and reassured Sita / don’t worry bout a thing cuz Rama’s gonna free ya /you burned down Lanka when your tail was on fire / and to serve Lord Ram is your only desire /when Ram’s little brother was about to die / without a second thought you began to fly / in search of a cure high in the Himalayas / but when you weren’t sure which herb to take him / you brought the whole mountain back with one hand / that’s why Hanuman your Rama’s best friend /you embody bhakti the yoga of love that’s why Ram gave Hanuman a big ol hug chorus 

Rock On, Hanuman Rock On, Rock

Hanuman G, there’s no monkey greater / but sometimes you have funny behavior / Once when Sita gave you a necklace / you bit it with your teeth like it was your breakfast then Sita asked “Hanuman what was wrong with the mala” / you replied that you were just tryin to find Rama / then someone said “Hanuman is Ram inside of you” / and in that moment you revealed your Truth /you tore open your chest and inside your heart Ram was shining like a diamond inside the dark / you said when your separate that’s when you serve / but when your connected you and Ram merge / you’re the mighty monkey of the epic Ramayana / you repeat Ram’s name the holy Ramanama singing Kirtan with the cymbals in your hand / going on and on like a one man band singing Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram / rockin on and on till the break of dawn

Shri Ram Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram


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