Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wedding Leftovers

For our wedding we bought strands and strands of custom papel picado, in red, orange, yellow, and white from Casa Bonampak.  It wasn't cheap, but I was in love with the delicate paper banners.

On our wedding day, after days of prep in the sweltering sun, we woke up to clouds and rain, with forecasts of much more rain to come.  The banners  didn't make it up, save for a few in the barn and a few in our room to surprise us after the reception.   

I was sad I'd bought this expensive thing, and felt silly that I HAD to have it, and then didn't use it, but I truly love them, and we can hang them as we celebrate our anniversary for years to come.

I've been rallying against my pain and sadness, trying to show it whose boss, which mainly means DOING THINGS.  I finally framed a flag of each red, orange, and yellow, so we can enjoy them every day.  This is the largest size of float frame, available at Micheal's or Jo-Ann Fabrics (and often for half off with a coupon or sale).

I was just planning to post our rad and finally framed papel picado, but then I realized I'm SURROUNDED by stuff from our wedding, and how happy it makes me.

This one is Walker's favorite.  We supplied chalkboards made from thrifted picture frames and blackboard pain for use in the photobooth. This one, presumably written by one of the cousins pictured here, is a play on Walker's last name, spelled h-a-e-u-s.

It somehow survived till the next day despite the extensive partying and constant rain. Now it's sealed with hairspray and behind glass, hanging above our dining room/kitchen pass through

Turkish evil eyes, favors at our wedding, are strung in the window.

Our cake toppers from Leslie, friend of main man's mom and mom of main man's high school friend.  They live in the curiosity cabinet and still make me happy every time I see them. 

Milk glass planters with succulents used as centerpieces,  and old movie theatre marquee letters, decorations at the wedding.  The ampersand came in the mail on our wedding day -- how fitting!  Only twelve of the wedding succulents remain, but not bad considering I had no idea what I was doing when I split the originally. 

Day of the Dead bride and groom shadow box, from my mom.  Sort of.  I loved it, and my mom said, as she did many times,"buy it for yourself from me, and I'll pay you back!"  It hangs above a portrait that main man's aunt did of Mom from the photo on her memorial cards. 

Party flags made for our pre-wedding pizza party, larger versions of what I made to deck out our wedding cupcakes, are perfect for cheering on our mucking good times.

And of course, DISHES.  Lots and lot and lots of dishes.  We kept about 1/3 of the place settings, and they've been used at five events since our wedding -- a funeral, two yard parties, a brunch, and a Canadian Thanksgiving.  The jars and mugs have also made many part appearances.


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