Saturday, November 19, 2011

Today's Disaster

I still haven't gotten to the positive stuff I promised a post back.  Speak Up Speak Out was AMAZING, and we came home filled with so much hope, and I will tell you all about that really soon, because I need to remember.

Right now we are back in shit city.

The severals days together were filled with revelations.  Weird shit that had happened that somehow Amy hadn't told us, that yesterday I emailed the New QSP about.  1) Some time ago, Old QSP stopped letting the residents have coffee on weekday mornings.  We learned this when Amy took a sip of her morning coffee and said ahhhhh, this is great; I don't get coffee on weekdays anymore.  2)  The issues about showers, where they tell Amy if she's not home by X time, she can't have her night shower?  So, at the meeting, I expressed that if Amy could know for certain that is she missed her night shower she'd get one in the morning, she wouldn't have such an anxiety about it, that MANY of the issues being addressed in this meeting were about the lack of security Amy felt regarding her care at Elmwood.  NOW, it turns out that these morning showers AREN'T SHOWERS.  They are what they call "bed baths" and involve a washcloth and very little dignity.

So, an email was sent addressing those things on Friday, simply saying that Amy wants weekday coffee and actual showers.

Which brings us to today.  Amy called me frantic.  [Residential Director] was on her way to Amy's house to have a meeting with [FriendlyBigMouth] about what she had told me about [Meany Cold].  Amy called me again and again while they were in the meeting.  Obviously, she felt uncomfortable sitting alone in her room while a meeting was held ABOUT HER in HER HOME.

A few hours later, Amy called to tell me that she wasn't supposed to tell me, but that [FriendlyBigMouth] wasn't allowed to talk to her anymore, and that [MeanyCold] was talking shit again, resulting in this email to [New QSP]:
Hi, [New QSP]

There was a meeting in the house today, after which after which [MeanyCold] told Amy that she's "sick of being treated like a dog" and "I don't like it when your family lies" and that she wants to have a meeting about this.

This needs to stop. [House Name] is Amy's home. She should not be mistreated or antagonized in her home. Amy is not lying. Her family is not lying. Amy does not need to go to a meeting regarding this.  
What part of stop mistreating my sister am I not spelling out clearly enough?


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