Thursday, December 22, 2011


From our ass-kicking Fairy Godmother:
Hi Girls! I just spent a good 1/2 hour on the phone with the senior VP of the home. Apparently [Residential Director] and [Residential Director's Boss] report directly to her. First and foremost she wants you to know you should NEVER hesitate to contact her direct.

I stated to her that I was sure that [MeanyCold] was a good caregiver, but in any 2 relationships..there are times they are not a match. And that is evident that [MeanyCold] and Amy are not a good match, and to keep Amy in this situation is simply emotional abuse --- which borders on physical abuse because of the toll her body takes from the emotional abuse. I told her that I was not pleased that you have been trying to reach out for the last six months to get this situation improved or corrected, and that to place my niece in this situation that is so emotionally painful and have to experience on a day to day basis is not acceptable.

I asked her what steps she will take now to correct the situation. She has already met with [Residential Director] and [Residential Director's Boss] about this...and of course [MeanyCold] is denying it all. I told her that of course she would, but I didn't care whether she admitted it or not, that the situation is bad and if she could tell me what positive enforcement was being made by continuing to keep [MeanyCold] as Amys caregiver, that I would be happy to listen...she couldn't.  [Senior VP] agreed with me. She also agreed with me that this is emotional abuse.

She is taking steps -- not to be voiced with the staff..ok?? -- to pull [Meany Cold] off as Amy's caregiver. I pressed her for a time frame and she tells me that this should happen by the end of December. I told her that I will contact her the last week of December to see where we stand. I also told [Senior VP] that I have no hesitation whatsoever to go above her but believed that she wanted to do the right thing and would follow thru on this. I told her that during the remainder of December, that I'm sure she would take whatever steps were needed so that Amy or her sisters would NOT feel any repercussions or animosity with these voiced concerns and requested change.

I hope this helps girls!! I will call this senior vp the last week of December. Please keep me posted during this time as to Amy's care and if there is ANY problem whatsoever. Love and Hugs to all of you. ~~[FairyGodMother]

I'm not delusional.  I know that this house has shown AGAIN AND AGAIN how much they are NOT INTERESTED in improving Amy's living situation, and how they don't really think of it as "Amy's home" so much as "their business", but an optimist, and with this email I felt less freaked out an alone than I have in a long time.  Thank you, Fairy Godmother.


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