Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hey, Jerks!

Give the woman her coffee and a real shower.  Four weeks ago.

That's when I sent this email to the new QSP.
Hi, [New QSP]
Another day, another email! I know it's Friday after five, I don't expect to hear back -- it's the weekend!  But I promised Amy I'd drop you a note right away....

...  Second thing, Amy would like to start having coffee every morning.  At some point in the past, they stopped having it weekday mornings, but Amy loves a cup of coffee (not decaf) in the morning.  

Last, we'd discussed in the meeting Amy needs to feel secure that if she doesn't get a shower the night before, she'll gets one in the morning.  It turns out that morning "showers" are actually "bed baths" -- a wipe down.  Amy would like her morning showers to be actual showers. 

Thanks, [New QSP].

To date, I've head back nothing.  So, a followup, four weeks later:
Just emailing to following up.  Four weeks later, Amy is still not getting coffee on weekday mornings and she is still receiving a morning "bed bath" instead of a morning shower if she misses her nighttime shower.  Can we please get this taken care of as soon as possible?
New QSP = nicer, warmer, but the about same level of interest in doing her job as the old one.  At least this one just doesn't do it instead of wielding it like a weapon against Amy.  I can't complain about her, because it will only feed into their notion of me that I'll just never be happy.

You have no idea how hard it is to write a post that isn't just a string of expletives followed by hopelessness.  I am so tired of this.  GREETINGS, CRAPPY AGENCY.  AMY  IS AN ADULT HUMAN.


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