Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fabric Bonanza

Last night, we stopped by the fabric store on the way home from work, planning to chose some fabric for Amy's curtains, text her a picture of the fabric, and get her approval.

What ensued:  Amy, I'm going to send you a picture of fabric I'm considering for your curtains -- but I can't get a text because my hands -- Amy, someone can help you.  Is there anyone under 50 at your house?  Hold on.  SOOOOOO-AND-SOOOOOOO mumble mumble.  Ok, So-and-so is 37, and I think that Other So-and-so is like -- Ok, all I mean is, there is someone there who knows how to open texts.  I'll send you the picture, call me back.  I can't, Al, I'm gonna go eat dinner, I'll do it later.    

Two things: 1) Amy has such limited exposure to texting, she does not know this is an interaction that would take seconds.  2) I love it when blows me off.  It was a little irritating, but it makes me happy she's got stuff going on she's rather than do than do what I'm asking.

Fabric wise, I was already in the trenches and in love.  I walked out with these goods:

FABRIC BONANZA.  The bottom row were all fat quarters; the top row is all yardage.

Retro/modern prints, red orange, dark gray, and monochromatic calicos are my love.  There are huge expanses of time where I'm just not seeing fabric I looooove (in my price range, at the kind of cheapo fabric store I frequent). This was nuts.  All but the middle of the top row are all Denyse Schmidt, from the Daisy Mae line that JoAnne is carrying.

I have a lot of fabric in my stash, but it had grown dull and familiar and unexciting -- and to be fair, MOST of the fabric I have is solid linens, fleece, duck, corduroy, and , denim.  My prints had grown lean.  Now they are on fire with promise

I feel invigorated.  Pulling out my Denyse Schmidt quilting book (this is all coincidence -- i've had this book for three years!) and Lotta Janesdotter's Simple Sewing, scooped up at Urban Outiffers clearance rack for five dollars years back. (Note to UO: Do keep on trying to see sewing books.  You will fail, and I will rake in my bounty.


Monica said...

I miss fabric shopping. They don't have much quilting fabric in Italy and what they do have is ugly and expensive! Love the fabrics you picked.

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