Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shaking with rage. (UPDATED)

Another day, another email.  The abuse train runs 24/7:
[ShitTalker] is verbally and emotionally abusing Amy.  Tuesday night, after Amy's and my nighttime phone call, just before she went to bed, [ShitTalker] confronted Amy and told her that she is unhappy about the way Amy is treating her.
She also told Amy:
  • "I'm just trying to keep a job."
  • "I don't like it when you tell stories, you're telling stories again."
  • "Are you trying to get me fired?" (or something to that effect)
  • "If you want me out of here, just tell me."
All of the above are completely inappropriate, uncalled for, and antagonistic. 

As a result, Amy went to bed uncomfortable and anxious, and spent the day at work anxious and dreading her next interactions with [ShitTalker]. 
This is the same staff member who told Amy last Sunday after Amy asked to sleep in "There is a reason I get you up at six", and when Amy informed her she was not seated correctly in her chair told her “let me do my job” and “I’m not going to be here five hours”. 
This kind of emotional abuse is unacceptable. This situation needs to resolved immediately. Please let us know what steps are being taken to fully resolve this situation.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
I will talk with the staff as well as Amy… Amy expressed that this staff reminds her of a caregiver that she has had in the past. Which is not far for the staff working with Amy if she(Amy) judges the staff only by what she experience from her past. The staff is afraid to work with Amy because of “being reported” to the agency, family or OIG.
 Thank You 
My friend puts it well, and with fewer expletives than are flowing out me right now.  "Oh, the POOR STAFF who might get in trouble for being shitty."

Response from Sister Two:

Thank you for the quick reply. 

[ShitTalker] reminds Amy of a past caregiver because like the past caregiver, she is out of line and verbally abusive.  Regardless of who she reminds Amy of, do you not agree that the statements [ShitTalker] is making are inappropriate and unneeded?
The fact that this issue is coming up again is not Amy's fault.  She just wants to be comfortable in her home.  If anything, it points to a culture of disprect towards client in the home that needs to be resolved. 

And staff shouldn't be afraid to work with Amy, but they should expect that if they are disrespectful, or verbally abusive, that they will have problems with the agency, family, or OIG. 
My family's biggest fear here, that this problem arising with [ShitTalker] will grow and be allowed to become an ongoing issue for months before anything is done to resolve the matter. 
Thanks, [NewQ],
[Sister Two]
UPDATE Response from [NewQ]
Yes I agree that the comments are not appropriate and I will discuss with the staff concerning this. Amy did express how she feel for not [ShitTalker] but another staff (sorry I didn’t say the name of the other staff) I will discuss with ALL STAFF the importance of clients rights, choices and independence. And the reports came from Amy telling the staff herself!!!
Response from Agency Director: 
Because you have made this allegation staff are required to report this to OIG.  Your allegations will be investigated.  I will also meet with our staff to address your concerns.
I can't help but read this as being scolded.  What a swell day.


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