Thursday, May 31, 2012

The ball is rolling!

Ok, it is official!  The good news I hinted at I can now share, since there is action and I'll be telling Amy when she gets off work!

On Annie's birthday (workin for our girl on her own birthday!  MAD PROPS), she and I met with an organization in another suburb that we were connected with by a person from the Illinois Association of Microboards and Cooperatives.  This org we met with was known to be more progressive.

Two weeks ago I got a call that they might have a spot for Amy in one of their homes.  The residents there are 22 to mid-40's, and very social.  One of then is really into self advocacy.  Today I got the call to schedule a visit.  We visit next week.

I am so excited I feel sick.  I hope this works out.

Let's hear it for progress!


Wish us luck.


Monica said...

I pray to God it works out for Amy!! You all deserve this! Can't wait to hear about your visit!!

Andrea said...

That is AWESOME!!!

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