Friday, May 18, 2012

Don't tell Amy!!!

I'm obsessively checking Lenovo's website every day.  For this to be released:
 The IdeaCenter a720.  A giant, multi-touch, all-in-one pc that can be used like a tablet or at an angle.

I know its going to be a lot of work, but this is the computer that will connect Amy to others.

She won't have to use a mouse (not enough hand or eye control for that kind of coordination), and she'll be able to use an onscreen keyboard (less looking back and forth from one object to another).  The computer can be angled as needed, and is intended to be, so this won't be some horrible erector set contraption built by me and involving too many zip ties.

I plan to install a remote access program so I'll be able to control her computer in her home from my computer.

We'll be able to Skype and watch tv shows together.

Hopefully, we'll get her blogging, using facebook or twitter.

This has the potential to connect her to other people, and give her more control over her life.  At the very least, we are going to love talking face to face.

It's another big buy, and the last big buy, the bike?  Still not getting used.  Still waiting for her kind, but ineffective case manager to get her a PT appointment and get this going, or even to give us her insurance info so we can do it ourselves.

But a computer doesn't required a doctor.

Oh, and I plan to bolt this sucker to a table that Amy can pull up to, so that it won't crash to the ground on day two.


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