Friday, May 11, 2012

Moderate Sewing Accomplishments

  • Fixed two blouses (including that pink floral ON on from you, Annie!)
  • Hemmed a new skirt from a thrift store and stitched the pockets shut
  • Stitched bulky pockets shut on four new pair of pants/shorts
  • Made a skirt from a dress six sizes too small.  Did a bad job on the waistband.  Removed waistband.  New waistband almost done.  UPDATE: skirt finished!  Phone dead, no not photo.
New highlight of visits the the family -- the most magical goodwill ever.  In two trips in two days (the first day was so amazing I HAD to go back):
  • One pair pants for me
  • 2 pair of pants for my girl
  • 1 pair capris for my girl
  • 3 pair capris for me
  • 2 pair shorts for me, that are shockingly shorts I could wear to work
  • 1 pair shorts for Walker
  • 2 shirts
  • 2 skirts
They are all schmancy, too.  Clothes I'd actually buy at a regular store.  Well, I wouldn't, because my cheapo bone would act up.  But you get the picture -- all clothes I actually want that actually fit.  BAM.


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