Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I followed up on the opportunity today.  Still waiting to hear back.  So very anxious to hear back.


Amy's wallet is missing.  Like all thing, for example, the lost library book, Amy's house will assume no fault for this, even though they were the last ones to handle it and there is no way in hell Amy could lose her wallet, given that she cannot reach her wallet.

I'm not saying someone stole it.  They didn't.  They just didn't put it back in her bag, and then it got moved around with other stuff, and maybe picked up by another resident (several have dementia -- my poor 25 year-old sister lives with developmentally delayd women with fairly advanced dementia.  awesome.), or "put away" in another residents room by a staff member, just like with clothes.

Next wallet will be on one of the keychain cords like a janitor has.  Man.  In addition to the wild inconveniences trying to get new ID's this will cause, Mom gave her that wallet.  She's not to attached to stuff, but it still stings just a little extra for me.

Her ID was needed so that sister could take her to an office in Aurora to present her ID in person so she could receive PACE paratransit.  You need to come to their office and show your ID in person in order to demonstrate that you are disabled and in need of transportation assistance.  What?  You also provide a letter from your doctor stating your disability so it's not like your going there to be assessed on need.  Yeah, her house should take her to do this, but that will take MONTHS so family was going to do it.

Now she needs to also get her ID reissued -- another chore that her house should do but that would never happen if left up to them.  Thankfully though, she does have a social security card and birth certificate -- but only because I paid to have them reissued so Amy could qualify for her death benefit from mom, which by the way, goes to the agency, not to Amy, so why did I spend MY money to facilitate that?

Other things her house should have done but hasn't:
  • Neurologist -- six months overdue.  You think they'd be more invested in keeping residents from having seizures 
  • Dermatologist -- 14 months overdue
  • Dr. Botox -- 6 months overdue
  • Physical therapy -- 5 months overdue
  • Counseling -- three plus months without service
Also, still awaiting information on her insurance from her agency, which was requested literally months ago, and allegedly sent weeks ago.  We asked for the insurance information because were were giving up on them taking care of Amy, but jokes on us!  They'd have to take care of Amy for them to mail us the info.  ZING!  We'll never get that information!

I'm not complaining about helping Amy, I'm complaining about an agency whose sole job is to provide her care not fulfilling even the most basic requirements.  There is a lot we want to do for and with Amy, but it isn't standing in line at the DMV.


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