Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Frustration: a timeline.

Amy's glasses broke in late November.  She'd had them a couple years.  The snapped into several pieces.  A staff member took them in to see if they could be fixed, but they couldn't.  Seriously.  In three pieces.

November 30 - I first emailed her Q about this.
December 1 - her Q told me it would be resolved by end of day.
December 3 - she told me she'd make Amy an appointment for the following week.
December 28 - she emailed to tell me Amy would need to pay $200 -- to fix the glasses it has already been established can't be fixed.  I told her that she Amy needed to get glasses from someone accepted Medicaid.
Mid-February -Amy has eye exam (which she did not need -- she got an exam in November) and is told she will have her glasses in one month.
June 13 - Q tells me that Medicaid won't pay for glasses because she can only get one pair of glasses a year.  Amy has not had glasses in several years... it sounds like the glasses still havent' been order.  Q "assures" me that there are people who have been waiting much longer than Amy.

Amy still doesn't have new glasses.  She's still wearing her glassed from high school.

Dammit.  I feel like I'm failing at everything, and this in particular makes me feel like I'm failing my mom because seriously, HER GLASSES!  I can't control this stuff, but the people who can aren't doing their jobs.   Of course I feel like I'm unraveling!  This is INSANE!

I don't know how to fix this, or the 50 other things.  For 13 months of I've sent emails, gone to meetings, talked to supervisors, talked to supervisors supervisors, reported them to the state, gone to more meetings, sent more emails  Nothing has happened.


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