Friday, July 20, 2012

To Tropical Indiana!

Up late last night cooking up a STORM.  Black bean salad, beet salad, coleslaw, pasta, black eyed peas, kale, chickpeas, apple cake, frozen rum slush, and strawberry mohito mix!

Headed out on a mini-vacation this afternoon to Michigan City, Indiana, with the sisters, middle sister's dude, Auntie-Mom Jane, Uncle Ken, and (hoooooraaaaay) Erica!  Erica is Amy's caregiver from time to time, but more than that, a close family friend.  My mom adored her.  She was with us on our Make-a-Wish trip, she was at my wedding.  She was the one driving Big Red when it "exploded".  There is no one we'd rather have with us.  Also, Erica being there means I will possibly not go crazy this weekend, won't apologize to Walker over and over for everything I ask him to do, and my joints won't ache for the next week.

The plan: staying at a 50's motel near the Indiana Dunes.  Running in the Mudathalon (just like last year) to celebrate our second anniversary.  Maybe visiting the county fair, maybe the Dunes, definitely swimming and lounging poolside with drinks with umbrellas, as though we are in some far away place.  Definitely a cooler full of tasty food to rival any restaurant.

The goal is for Amy to feeling thoroughly vacationed -- to be exhausted, have a had a lot of fun and a break from her house, and to be eager to crash in her own bed when she returns.  We hope we all have a good time, but everybody else goes on trips all the time.  This trip is for Amy.  It's only two nights, but it's a world away from her day-to-day life.

Needless to stay, if I pause for even a second I get caught up in heavy thoughts, wishing my mom was going to be there.  Because she should be.  And why didn't we do stuff like this before?

So yeah, also, you know, wer're moving next week and going on "vacation" this weekend instead of packing.  IT WILL BE FINE.  I just keep telling myself that.

Also, stopped by the new house on the way in today and took some pictures of the floor through the closed windows, like a creep.  Don't want to let any dust in while they are drying!


deb said...

Wow- sounds like an awesome weekend! Wish we had known about it-
A couple of days away with fam sounds like heaven. Hope u guys are having a blast .

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