Sunday, August 5, 2012

No she didn't.

Amy and I had a great friendly chat earlier.  When she called my phone half an hour I didn't pick up because she knows I'm up to my elbows working on the house.  When she called again 15 minutes later, I was worried.

Turns out, she was locked in her room and about to explode.

Two hours earlier, she'd gone in her room to read and shut the door.  After an hour or so she was done, and started calling for someone to let her out of her room.  As some point she managed to get the door open a smidge and called again, and someone shouted back that she should wait.  Twenty minutes after that she called me, then again 15 minutes later.  I started calling the house phone, over and over and over for 15 minutes with no answer.  I told Amy I'd have to call the police.  As I was calling the police, Amy called me back to tell me she was finally out of her room.

Staff says Amy wasn't calling.  Yes she was, I say.  Well she needs to call the house phone.  She was, I say.  No she wasn't, says staff.  I have been personally calling the house phone for 15 minutes non-stop, I say.  Besides, Amy was calling for you.  Well I can't hear her over her book.  I wasn't listening to my book when I was calling you.  And I opened the door and I said to you that I needed help and you said wait, says Amy.  Yes, I did say that says staff.


Ridiculous, says Amy.


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