Friday, August 10, 2012

Well, that should have no effect on us.

I just got an email from Amy's "Q" that she'll be on vacation until the 20th, and providing unusable phone numbers to reach other ineffective colleagues.  Seriously -- the numbers for them are of the houses they manage, so your supposed to call each house and ask if they are there if you need something -- you know, like if it's noon and you've been left in your bed for 16 hours and everyone is ignoring you, just call around till you get someone.

So, you know, basically, everything is exactly what it always is while she's away.

I want to say, I am not a hater.  Amy's whole life she has been surrounded by the most amazing caregivers.  Even the marginal ones did their jobs and didn't verbally berate her.  Until now, we've only ever had a major problem with one person -- Amy's aid when she transferred to her new high school, Evil Deb.  Our problems with this agency really started with one person, her sneering and snapping former "Q", MeanyQ, but the agencies unwillingness to deal with it, and that persons maliciousness grew the problem.  Aside from MeanyQ, Amy has only had real and persistent problems with two caregivers out of DOZENS.  The other problems she has a hard house stem from ineffective management -- not training staff, not taking Amy to the doctor, not alerting staff that Amy is a human with rights and feelings, etc.


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