Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Labor Day Weekend, Amy.

Hi, Q,
Amy's chair didn't charge last night -- it wasn't plugged in correctly.  The cord was plugged in to a port on the joystick that is not for charging instead of the charging port on the base.  

This was discovered this morning.  Amy was then left in bed until the chair fully charged, including being fed breakfast in bed.  Amy asked to be put in her chair, and to have the chair charged after she was in it, but was told no, she had to wait till it was fully charged.  She asked one staff member, who then asked TheCurrentBigMeany who said no.  Amy was disturbed that staff were listening to others about her care instead of listening to her.   Amy missed many phone calls to her cell from her dad about making plans for the day since she wasn't up.

There are two issues -- one, Amy should not  be left in bed. Two, Amy is charge of Amy.  When Amy asks to get out of bed, it isn't a question.  This has been an ongoing issue -- staff not respecting Amy's requests.  I know Amy's talked to you about how once again, she has been told there are rules about when and how much she can use her phone, which I'm assuming has been handled.   

Please let staff know that Amy is not to be left in bed, and to respect Amy's requests, rather than deferring to others -- to get out of bed, to use the restroom, to use her phone, etc.  

Thanks, Q.  



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