Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our adventure.

I was just wandering around Facebook and found some strangers who are Peace Corps volunteers.  They totally go married, and a year later left for Peace Corps, and man, that's what I wanted.  I feel jealous, sad, disappointed... and boring.

We're not doing Peace Corps, at least not till retirement.  That is not our adventure.

We will make our difference here, at home.  We will make our difference with Amy.  Who would I be to run off to do something "good" (I use quotes because I have a million back and forth feelings about the effectiveness and efficiency of oversees service) and abandon by responsibility and opportunity here?

Despite what we like to think, we don't get to choose our own adventure.  A thousand decisions and a thousand flukes led us today, and to the doorstep of our adventure.  We can go on this adventure, or none at all.

What I do get to choose: to be positive, to be all-in, and to find a counselor familiar with this kind of situation.


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