Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Invites in progress!

With any luck, we will have our alternative "save the date" method worked out this weekend. That's all I'm going to say about that right now.

For invites, we are purchasing PDF's from Lovliday on Etsy. They immediately struck us as the most Walker and Allison invite around. Ms. Lovliday has been super nice. I sent her some mock ups of what I wanted (rough drafts at the end of the post) and she is making us all the various pieces we've dreamed up for a great price.

Our main invite will look like this one, except one of us has a last name with 12 characters. Good luck, Ms. Lovliday. We're then taking the PDF's, and the recycled stock and envelopes we purchased ourselves, to FedEx, where they will printed, along with an insert card chock full of details, and the return address on the envelope. They should look pretty sharp, I do believe, and will cost, with postage, a little over a dollar a piece. That I hear is a good price, though multiplied by the number of people we love still makes me want to clutch my chest.

In addition to not doing traditional save the date cards, we are skipping the RSVP card and instead asking that people reply at out website. The site is up and running, but we're a few days out from officially launching to RSVP application that Walker wrote.

I have some fear that people will thing we're having a trashing wedding, due to the name, but really it was just a variation on Vegan Hotdog Fanclub, my stock name for accounts shared by main man and I. I always have a hard time remembering sites that are named things like "JackandJillWedding". It doesn't seem like it would be hard, but then when I sit down at the computer I find my sell typing "JackandJillMarried" or some such, or not being able the .somethingorother.com part. So hopefully this will be a little easier. But truly. There will be not hotdogs at this wedding. Brats, but not hotdogs.

This this save the date mock up is never going to reach his final form, because we quit him like a bad habit, but here he is. And, no, that is not our date.


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