Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Matt Stedman Band

The band is booked! Sort of. Either way, you can see our names on their website!
We were pretty on sold on the Matt Stedman Band the moment we found them, and then worked hard to mentally justify hiring a band (as opposed to using our stereo and ipod). They play everything — rock n’ roll, Celtic, bluegrass, Cajun, reggae, etc., sound great, are headed by a fantastic violinist who will also play our ceremony, and provide MC services and dj-ing when they are not playing.
We are booked, it’s just taking forever to get the contract signed given that the original was sent to the wrong address. My friend was teasing me that I expect too fast of turn around on things, that we are dealing directly with musicians. Later this week it shall be set in stone. I wish this were just done already, but soon!
You can give them a listen here.


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