Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Dress.

Years ago, probably 1999 or 2000, I bought I beautiful green chenille bedspread at Goodwill.  I adored it, and loved the color.  After much use as a bedspread at home, and lament that it was WAY to big for a dorm room bed, I made a dress out of it -- probably my favorite dress ever.  I've had very few "for my wedding someday" thoughts that I remember, but at the time I remember thinking what a beautiful wedding dress it would make in white.

When we decided to get married, I immediately headed to J. Crew's online wedding catalog which makes dresses out of the most beautiful fabrics that you can help but feel lust.  But the moment I though of paying for or wearing of those dresses, I didn't feel excited.  Perhaps it was the thought of paying 300+ for a dress I'd wear once, but I think the seriously bored and uninspired facial expressions of the models did it in.  Why do blue, skinny, pretty lady?

I also realized that I would embarrassed to get married in a J. Crew dress, because seriously?  These are not difficult to make dresses, and I can sew!  And I remembered my idea, and promptly dug the beloved green dress out of the "Museum of Allison" in Mom's garage.

I scoured eBay for a chenille bedspread of a similar pattern in white:

And even managed to find a new copy of the out of print pattern in my size!

This bedspread didn't have attached fringe, so I ended up buying fringe cut from a damaged vintage bedspread.  It is a slightly different white than the dress, but I'm thinking thinking that rather than dying it, which could be a disaster, I'll just sew it on from behind rather than on the front of the fabric, as it normally would be, so that the white furry chenille is not next to the slightly different white fringe.

Wish me luck!


Andrea said...

OMG The Dress! I remember when you made this and you swore to get married in it. *love*


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