Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hat, headband, fascinator?!

Ok, confession time.  I've started looking at wedding porn.  It's pretty impossible to avoid when your looking for how-to tips, and I've done a pretty good job of not letting it sway my ideas for our wedding, with a few exceptions.  This is one. 

I never saw myself in a veil, and even after sifting through what felt like most of Etsy, I didn't see myself in any sort of headpiece until I saw this beautiful wedding
She wears the veil back over the headpiece after the ceremony.  I don't know if I'd wear a veil piece at all, but man, being able to anchor the curls down with something like this headpiece sounds pretty good, as curls don't keep in July in the midwest all that well. 

So, the hunt for such an item began, and I have failed.  Etsy is full of wedding hats, headbands, fascinators, hair pieces, head pieces, etc, both new and vintage, but I'm not finding something like this.

I emailed the photographer of the wedding above to see if he can share anymore photos of her head with me, so I can become better informed before I start making this myself, but haven't heard back yet.  I've found a few similar items that have helped me understand their construction (see above: first, second, and third), but none that I'd buy or wear, thou the fourth one down here (fourth) has its merits.
Giant Dwarf on Etsy makes these headpieces that are not quite what I'm looking for in shape, materials, or fastener method, but do give me an idea of how you could construct flat fabric flowers like in the piece I am in love with. 

Does anyone know what this is called or what era its from?  That would go a long way in trying to pin down a pattern or instructions.


Anonymous said...

You could check, and pin-up girl clothing for more ideas. I figure you could make one with faux flowers, a clip of your liking, and some frilly fabrics... I always find gorgeous ones on etsy, but they have feathers so I can't buy them :(


Anonymous said...

Did you ever find something similar? I came across this entry when doing a google search for vegan fascinators. I haven't had much luck.

allison said...

I actually managed to find the EXACT same hat as the one I fell in love with by scouring ebay and all sorts of online antique/vintage stores and catch all old stuff stores. I wore it without the veil because the morning of the wedding, I just didn't feel a veil was me. I was also pouring rain, and very hot out. I was so glad to have decided to wear some kind of head covering because I was able to pull my hair into a pony tail, pin on the hat and go.
I think when I found this it was listed as a hat, not a fascinator.!/photo.php?fbid=475283685904&set=a.475279735904.245899.350546225904

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