Friday, March 5, 2010

Boring for you, exciting for me! Hoarding update!

A glassware hoarding update!  We hit the jackpot on 25 cent wine glasses the other day!  An update on our stash:

Chubby cat will not be coming to the wedding, though if I had my way and chose to exercise poor judgment, she'd be on a leash and wearing a tux at the event.

A list of what we're hoarding, for those who wish to participate in our thrift store/recycling bin raiding frenzy (any takers, locals?):
  • punch glasses
  • caraffes of all sizes
  • wine glasses of any size or variety, preferably without etching/painting/decoration
  • milk glass anything -- in particular the old mixing bowls
  • quart mason jars
  • clear glass bottles
  • clear glass pint size (or approximate) jars
  • other clear jars and bottles
I've also started buying old crochet bits and table clothes with lace trim from the thrift store, but only when they are cheap cheap cheap.  Stains are not big deal, since I plan to toss them in a dye bath.  It is much harder to define what I'm looking for in this arena.

We've been paying between 17 and 55 cents per item for most things -- 17 cents a piece for the bulk buy of punch glasses, 25 cents a piece for small jars and wine glasses, and fifty cents for small caraffes and actual mason jars in the quart size (most of these will be used for centerpieces).  I will admit paying a dollar for an occasional item, and know my milk glass mixing bowls could run me 1-3 dollars a pop, but am ok with that, because I will use them as our indoor planters after the wedding. 

This may look time consuming, and you might question the savings.  Renting, glasses were going to cost about 33 cents a piece, would have to be cleaned and delivered back to the rental company an hour away the Monday after the wedding,  and we'd be charged for broken pieces (and I'm sure there will be plenty).  Also, there was no fun to be had.  No fun, big hassles, plus big costs?  Not an option. 

With this system, no one cares what breaks or when it's clean by.  After the wedding we'll toss it all in boxes, bring it home, run it through the dishwasher, let our friends take what they want, and donate the rest back to the thrift stores.  We're planning to collect enough that each guest has a pint size jar for drinking whatever, and some sort of receptacle (punch glass or other charming tiny cup) for the cider toast.  Wine glasses will be available for the wine drinkers.  With renting, it felt easy for it to spiral into trying to provide real barware or full place setting -- this allows for more creativity in defining what is needed in a place setting.

And, it's fun.  We love exploring thrift stores, and we love doing things together.  This gives us a fun way to together each week engage in preparation for our wedding.

AND it's going to look really cool.  I promise.


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ActiveLove said...

first of all, luckless pedestrian HAS to be dad. gotcha, rog!!

secondly, you are making the wedding such a fun thing. i hope your guests know of this blog and are keeping up with it somewhat.

what a great way to have a wedding and make it really yours--literally.

love to you guys.

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