Sunday, March 7, 2010

Papel picado has me in its clutches! Python programming grinds me under its bootheel.

This weekend was LEEP weekend, when our classes that typically meet online meet in person -- for eight hour sessions.  People travel from across the country and schedules are jam packed.  I had two LEEP sessions, plus a 7 am "help session" for my programming class that was only helpful at taking away my precious sleep.

Walker is without LEEP classes this term, but hard at work on his text mining project.  I'd tell you more, but his project is so beyond my capacity.  I know it involves SQL (love it!) and millions of records.

The next two or three weeks--the lead up to spring break-- are going to be rough.  Really rough.
On a lighter note, these beautiful banners are from Mexican Sugar Skull, and made by a 74 year old master artist in Puebla, Mexico.  I can't explain, but they make my heart warm and my feet want to dance with happiness. 

Can I learn to do this?  I know -- bad idea. There is a reason these personalized  strings are made by a master artist.  This is not something to try to accomplish while drinking beer and watching Ugly Betty reruns on Hulu. 

Thankfully, non-personalized banners are available all over the place at a fraction of the cost, and still do the trick.    Though, part of me feels bad, like I'm wrong the 74 year old artist in Puebla ... There are fair trade stores also selling them for a good price.

What we know is that there will be strings of lights, lanterns, and garlands, music in the air, and a whole lot of love. Today it is rainy and cold here in Illinois, but these pictures make summer (or at least late spring) feel so close I can taste it!


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