Friday, March 12, 2010

For the win

Any time I introduce the word "wedding" into an internet search I am are bombarded with garbage far outside of what I'm looking for.  As detailed in many many posts, I've been internet stalking a specific kind of headpiece -- okay, and a specific wedding.  You know the one

Within minutes of receiving an email from M (aunt of Walker) with the suggestion to search using "juliet cap", I located a source for a hat frame (not of a juliet cap), available in two sizes, that would be an appropriate base for my dream hat.
And suddenly it was easy to find more and more frame options.  Hat making instructions abound!  A friend had mentioned that I would need buckram, but until seeing these examples, I can not a clue what that meant.  Surprise!  I know nothing about millinery!

I was riding high from my M-inspired progress.  I was going to have something to attached to my head!  Then I to home from work today to the most amazing email, from the bride, with the hat/headband/fascinator of my dreams:

hey allison... Josh forwarded the email that you sent to him about my veil. (That's right.  I emailed her wedding photographer.)  This is the funny thing... So I wanted a VERY specific veil from the 50's that fit with my dress. that was nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find! i went to san francisco... looked online almost every day... nothing. There were lots of things that might ALMOST work... but nothing that was what i had envisioned. One of my bridal showers was a "hat shower" where all the guests had to come wearing their favorite hat or a funny hat or something like that. A girl who came was wearing THIS HAT (my veil!) . Apparently, one of our friends had a grandma who had left to her all of these amazing hats and they aren't her style at all so she just thought they were funny and let people wear them. The second I saw it... i was like, Hey that's gotta be my veil. It already had vintage netting attached to it... but it was a light brown and in fair condition, so it blended in with my hair. I found this newer netting (in a creme color) just at a fabric store and had my dress alteration lady attach it to the veil. And THAT'S how it all came about. It's funny because I don't even own that veil... i have to give it back to my friend since it is sentimental to her. aaaaanyway... im attaching a bunch of pictures so you can see how it is made. I just took them with my computer and i felt super funny taking them... but hopefully they will do the trick. let me know if you need more :) Congrats and good luck!! being married is amazing! 

Behold!  The photos!  Thank you, Dominique!
M and Dominique, THANK YOU!


ActiveLove said...

love the cap. the girl in the pic is very interesting too. much like you, her own person. al, you are making your wedding YOUR (meaning you and W of course!) wedding. thank you for this adventure, my blushing bride. too corny?? heh heh.....

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