Sunday, March 14, 2010

Midterms in Jar City

It's midterms here and the locals are cranky, poorly behaved, and unkempt.  Good things on the horizon though.  For one, MIDTERMS BEING OVER in a week.

Invitation stock has arrived and will soon be whisked to FedEx for printing.  We found a great company out of Michigan that sells brightly colored, quality paper from a hydro powered mill.  The "whitewash" stock that almost everything will be printed on is 100% recycled/30% post-consumer, and at the moment I can't find that stats on the Poptone "tangy orange" envelopes or "lemondrop" cardstock for the insert cards.  We're skipping RSVP cards and envelopes -- it's all on the website.

Picture frame and coffee mug acquisition is also underway.

Now for the wild successes that bring great joy to our tired midterm minds.

We are 90% certain we have found our photographer at long last.  I'm not posting her here yet because the contracts aren't signed, and I'd die if someone swooped in and took her from us as a result of my bragging online about how awesome she is, how local she is, how great her work it, how affordable she is, and how she's available on our wedding day.  We were waiting for a sign and one came.  She was married on the same farm last year.  Done.  She's out of the country the next two weeks, then contracts are getting signed.

And second, yesterday, we hit the jar jackpot at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore!  They have the best stuff, the best prices, and their employees and volunteers are so much fun in this hoarding process.  So I have pretty high expectations when I go into the Restore, but this score was above and beyond my expectations.  I wish I had a photo of the what the shelves looked like when I walked in on Saturday.  I almost started crying.

One hundred thirty four pint size mason jars, 23 quart size mason jars, including this awesome Knox jar, that is definitely a keeper.  Bam!


ActiveLove said...

Good thing you have a basement!! better start stocking up on packing materials for the trip to the farm!! woo hoo weddings rock!!

Karen said...

Are those new glasses? Cute!

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