Saturday, March 27, 2010


I was going to wait till I had it in hand to whoop and holler about it here, but c'mon, it's me!  Late last night, I FOUND THE HAT.  THE hat.  The exact same one. 

For twenty-one dollars.  It is purchased, but not shipped yet, not in hand yet.  This glee may be premature, but I think you have to take glee when and where you can get it.  Whoop whoop!
It looks a little differnt in these photos, I think because these look to have been taken with a flash and the images I've seem previously were not.

Man.  I need to start my dress.


ActiveLove said...

Where's my plate?

Dr Blackout said...

r = a/θ

Margaret said...

Oh, that's fantastic, Allison! I'm late in catching up on your blog, so I hope by now it's actually in hand.

Also love the Day of the Dead Bride & Groom. Scott wants to know how tall they are.

And I'm going to make my friend who helps the post office with their stamp designs look at your post about the cowboy stamps. I hope you'll include an insert in the invitations with one of Walker's famous quotes: "How many cowboy songs do you know?"

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