Sunday, March 28, 2010

The stars align again....

"On April 17, 2010, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the Postal Service™ will issue a 44–cent, Cowboys of the Silver Screen commemorative stamp in four designs in a pane of 20 stamps and a booklet of 20 stamped postal cards, both designed by Carl T. Herrman of North Las Vegas, Nevada.

With the issuance of the Cowboys of the Silver Screen stamps, the U.S. Postal Service® honors four extraordinary performers who helped make the American Western a popular form of entertainment. Film stars from the silent era through the singing era are featured on the stamps:

  • William S. Hart,
  • Tom Mix,
  • Gene Autry,
  • and Roy Rogers."
Not to get hung up on arbitrary details, but c'mon!  COWBOY STAMPS!  Sure, we'd hoped to get the invites assembled this week.  Realistically, having them ready and waiting for stamps April 17 sounds great.

We were just about to make the tough call between sea kelp, abstract expressionists, distinguished sailors, justices of the supreme court, and Gary Cooper.  Yes, there is a stamp with wedding rings on it, but gag.  COWBOYS win by a landslide. 


ActiveLove said...

Hey c' I the only one reading this gripping blog? And yes, I agree, the cowboy stamp is the way to go. Yippee Ki Yi Ki Yo!!

ActiveLove said...

nix on the extra "ki".

Kathy McG said...

I believe this cowboy wedding was all foreordained in 1982 when we were living in Arkansas. And the nearest hospital with an OB ( as opposed to a GP) was in Texarkana TEXAS. So that was the beginning, on a lovely April morning.... Only 2 years later, a certain red head in our family won a contest at the company picnic ( guess how much money is in the jar). I asked this lucky young fellow what he wanted to buy with his winnings. He answered, "Cowboy boots." So we purchased a pair of micro cowboy boots which were a hit everywhere except when he wore them on the jungle gym. Do your musicians know any tunes by Riders in the Sky?

Anonymous said...

Hey Allison. We have to get you writing on the USPS Facebook page. Fans like you USPS needs. Best, Sidney

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