Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I dreamed the other night that it was time for engagement photos, and I was not ready.  Our photographer had arrived and she said the light was perfect right now (!), and I was in sweatpants and sweaty.  Main man had not shaved or had a haircut in some time.  I quickly got ready and the only shirt I could find was an old American Apparel shirt that I have never liked, but cannot bring myself to get rid of because, man, it was not free.

Then we headed straight to the wedding.  Our present plate collection was a few short of success, and many of you lovely people had to share plates.

Our garden has moved from its starter trays to its intermediate home of every coffee mug and punch cup we've purchased at thrift stores for the wedding.  These babies need to get in the ground, but at least we're getting more use out of our wedding wares!

This is the garden that springs forth naturally and came installed with the house.  It is doing its best to stave off Russian Fidel's encroaching bamboo plot (tulips shake fists at bamboo!).

As for the garden, location decisions need to be made and I need to take action!

The stall is that where the garden will in all likelihood be there are well established bushes that may sadly have to go.  Can anyone tell me what these are? 


Kathy McG said...

Hard for me to tell from photos, but they look to me like they couldbe peonies

Kathy McG said...

Also note that peonies do NOT like to be disturbed...

ActiveLove said...

They sure look like my peonies right now!!

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