Friday, April 9, 2010


Our neighbor (Russian Fidel, I call him, as he is Russian, and has a hat like Fidel) may think we're up to no good.  From his front door he can see our basement windows aglow. But this idea is only misguided, not illegal. 

Our wedding flowers are planted, and doing well, and will hopefully move to their new home outside in the next week.

I read somewhere on the internet that a child could grow sunflowers, they are so easy.  Let's see how I do.

So far far the sunflowers are proving to be the heartiest and fastest growing -- the aztec gold variety in particular.  The herbs and zinneas are doing ok.

Ok, ok, this could seem like a bad idea, but it's LESS of a bad idea than the paper flower plan.  I consider my lovely friend Caitlin to be a person of great patience and skill with some pretty tricky various business and artistry, and she tells me that paper flowers are not a good idea.   I was sold quickly on this, as I started losing interest in paper flowers as soon as I thought about having to buy paper.  And more paper.  And I trust in Caitlin.

This growing plan could go horribly.  I could lose all interest in it over the next month.  But, I'll be out relatively few dollars, and back up plans abound.  We're going to  buy some quantity of flowers from the farm, because they really want us to and we want people happy, and if the sunflowers really bomb, they are available pretty inexpensively from Costco and Sam's Club (and the farm has said they'd have to order rather than grow themselves anyway), and as my aunt points out, I could also hit up the farmers market in Galesburg on the morning of the wedding.  

One way or another, it will all come together.


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