Friday, August 6, 2010

Ten years today.

Ten years ago today, August 6, 2000, Daniel Lewis died.  On the same day, my life began to take different directions than I would have predicted just the day before. 

His mother and sister came to our wedding, which was a joy and an honor.  I know Daniel would have been there, and I believe he would have been among the now late 20's men who stood for us at our ceremony.

As I thought about this today, it occurred to me, if Daniel were alive, if events had unfolded differently, would I have been there at the wedding?  Who would I be?  How would I be different, how might my life be different?

In the words of Daniel himself, these experiences make me who I am today.

I wish Daniel were here.  But ten years on, while I still wish this as deeply as the day it happened, I also realize that Daniel's friendship was a gift, and Daniel's death an experience that provides the foundation to who I am today.


deb said...

Beautiful tribute to your friend Daniel, Allison. I well remember you telling me about him the summer that you worked in my office.

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