Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Night and Day. (updated)

Let the good times roll.  


An email from Residential Director, responding to the the email I sent on Monday:

If Amy and your family have made the decision to move out of Elmwood we do require a thirty (30) day notice.

I have attached the contract that is signed annually by clients and guardians stating the requirements.

I do believe in order for Amy to move to another agency, the [service locator organization] ISSA Case manager must complete paperwork, so it is imperative that there is contact and communication with the ISSA Case manager.

Regarding your concerns at Elmwood, if you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss your concerns we can do that.
I spoke yesterday with [Social Worker].  No notice is required. 

The contract you emailed is blank; please send me a copy of the signed and completed contract. 

[QSP] was alerted by Amy as of September 1 at the latest (probably closer to Aug 21) of her intent to move out of the Elmwood House, thus as of October 1, 30 day notice is achieved. 

Thank you. 
UPDATED.  Response from Residential Director:
This is just a copy to show you what clients sign, the actual one that Amy has sign is in her file.
I don’t know for [service locator organization], but for [organization] there is a requirement.  So if October 1st is the official date; her move out date is November 1st?


Meanwhile, New House Boss writes:
Let's have her come the 29th, 30th and 1st? Would that work?
That works for us... I'm kind of freaking out right now.  Amy's living situation in Current House has continued to degenerate -- they continue to challenge her need to go to the bathroom, restrict her use of her personal cell phone, put her to bed earlier each day, restrict her access to take-as-needed medications, and accuse her of lying.  I really need to get her out as soon as possible.  Your home is night and day from this place.  Can we plot to move her as soon as possible following the visit?  
 New House Boss:
do you want to just skip the visit? and just move her?  Also, you may want to call OIG on them...
 The email from New House Boss provided the relief needed to keep my from completely flipping out. 

What about the half a dozen SERIOUS CARE ISSUES that I brought up the email?  A response to whether or not you keep House Boss from speaking with Amy?

Amy is her own guardian.  She provided verbal notice she was intending to move out.

And so it continues.


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