Sunday, November 20, 2011

Another day...

... another email regarding an act of aggression by [MeanyCold].
Last night, November 19, [MeanyCold] told Amy when it was that Amy had told [MeanyCold] that [FriendlyBigMouth] hit her. Amy assures me [FriendlyBigMouth] has never hit her and that she never said [FriendlyBigMouth] hit her. In any case, why would   [MeanyCold] be bringing this up to Amy? We ask that people stop antagonizing Amy and making her feel uncomfortable in her home.

Thank you, [New QSP].
I'm losing my mind.  Amy's life sucks, and building a GOOD life, a different life is going to take time and energy, and right now, all I want to do is make the very bad STOP and NO ONE IS LISTENING, no one cares, and nothing is changing.

I want to work on the future, I want to get Amy to work on the future, but we are struggling to get through each day.

This blog, much like my life, is not what I thought it would look like a year and a half ago.


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