Thursday, November 3, 2011


What do we want?  BRAINS!!!  When do we them?  BRAINS!!!

Halloween, I love you.

Zombie cheerleader and football player, inspired by the football players in Beatlejuice who follows around the afterlife intake lady Juno saying things like "Hey, Coach, I don't think we survived that crash."

I went back and forth on this Halloween.  As I often do, I got an idea, and then I fixated.  I HAD to do this idea.  Even though it wasn't coming together, I could tear myself off it.  And as you might have noticed, I have the blues.

At the last minute, I decided to go for it, and had the most fun I've had in six months making Walker's pads, painting the jersey, putting a weasel graphic on the helmet, fitting the cheerleading uniform, and ever so obsessively making the text for the front of the cheerleading outfit.

I couldn't bring myself to destroy these.  No fire, no holes.  Just a lot of blood.  Too many dollars and too much potential in these bad boys.

Costume how-to, including make-your-own football pads (not to be used in athletics!) in a future post.

I need to work on my raw wounds.  The neck slash was not bad, but I'll go thicker on the cut line in the future.  The skinned/raw face size could be better.  Maybe tinting the latex that's the base? Or maybe painting a thin coat of the Ben Nye thick blood before I apply it in clots.  Walker's wound has a really sharp edge to it, but that didn't show when the helmet was on.

The zombie Girl Scout made a reappearance!  Turns out what fits me as a short fitted dress fits my awesome friend like a knee length cinch dress.  Yay!  Also, it turns out that friend is GREAT at zombie eye makeup!

Pictured here: zombie Girl Scout and recent immigrant who acquired her citizenship through dubious means (also know as a Russian bride).


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