Monday, April 30, 2012

New phone hobbies with Amy

Adding to our standing traditions of singing, singing, singing, and reading Mom's blog, I've started reading Amy my blog, and also weird news headlines (thank you, Daily Mail).  Tonight she asked me "so anything weird happen today?" and I was exhausted and pissy, and now of course I feel bad for not reading them to her.  I should start saving really good ones so I have a backlog.  Or, we could focus on real news...  

Also new: writing emails to her staff together when there is a problem.  She tells me problem and I say "do you want me to email?"  She says "I'll tell so-and-so tomorrow" and then STRESSES and tells me the story again, and I ask again and she says yes.  I take exactly what she's told me, draft an email and then read it back to her a dozen times till it is i just right.  Until she has her own computer, this is the best we can do.  

On deck: Amy's book club!  Amy is reading Half Broke Horses right now, which I finished over vacation.  She called me tonight VERY excited to ask "DOES SHE KILL HIM?!"  "WHAT?!" I screamed back not knowing what she was talking about.  "THE BOOK!!!" she told me.  "I THINK HE DOES!!"  Amy's next two books are ones Walker hasn't read yet -- A Prayer for Owen Meany, and Middlesex -- and he might read them at the same time so they can chat.  And I'm going to start thinking of more books and try to get the fam in on this.  

We are getting into a flow, little by little, finding things to talk about that aren't the heavy stuff.  I'm not talking about Mom.  We talk about Mom all the time.  That's not the heavy stuff.  The heavy stuff is how people treat Amy, and that they think they can treat her that way.  We talk about it a lot, as we work through the damn to day to day issues, and try to build towards something better in the future, but it can't be the ONLY thing we talk about, because that is not a healthy or real relationship.  

I'm tempted to fly off a rant about her service provider moving like a snail that is deliberately being snail like, but I'll resist.  Just know -- it's still there.  


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