Friday, May 4, 2012

My girl.

Fosterhood in NYC caused me to start reading reading reading about disabled kiddos awaiting adoption.  Don't read too much into that -- no plans, thanks.

ANYWAY, this reading has me so riled because it reminds me again that Amy is NOT very disabled.  Yeah, physically, she's got some significant disability, but her seizures are under control (and were never that bad to start with -- easy to say when your not the one seizing, I know), and she is so smart and sensitive and capable.  So WHY is her life the way it is?  (Not that if she were more disabled that her like would be any more acceptable... it's just that she's SO CAPABLE OF SO MUCH MORE)

And it is time to find a way to delegate her physical care to others when she wants to do stuff outside the home, because it isn't fair to her and it isn't fun for me to have her awesome personality dampened by care insecurity, or for me to be a flippin maniac who isn't relating to her because I'm so overwhelmed by providing physical care.  

Total warmth reversal tangent: Amy asked me to participate by phone in her 10:30 am doc visit today.  At 11 she called to tell me she's call me again as soon as she was in.  It is 12:07.  I'm starving and I need to pee.  


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