Friday, May 25, 2012

Some things stay the same.

After this week's shit parade, Amy is shaken and on edge.  

It's really great how her home helps her take her mind of things.  I mean, here he she, a young woman who lost her mother and home just over a year ago, and in the recent past her step-brother and closest cousin, but that isn't what consumes her on a daily basis.  No, that's not even the worst thing happening in her life.  Thanks, house!

I'm sitting my the phone and computer waiting for a response on the opportunity for Amy.  I can't even bring myself to start corresponding with Amy's house.  Amy has been doing a good job of handling her own affairs lately.  I mean, nothing gets done, but it wasn't getting done before either, so I'm still proud of her for handling it.  But, now her phone is broken, so she can't correspond without staff listening in to her conversations on the house phone.  

Today's email from SisterTwo: 
I tried to call you this afternoon regarding an issue Amy is having at her home, but was unable to get a hold of your at either office, or via cell.  Actually the cell phone number I have for you is incorrect.  Can you please give me a list of numbers I can reach you at?  Joan says she is unable to provide me with your cell phone number because of 'staff policy.'
I would like to speak with you regarding several issues this week, as Amy's cell phone isn't in working order and she doesn't feel comfortable speaking to you via the house phone because staff members are around.  To be discussed:
  • While staff is working to stop accusing Amy of 'lying', she is still constantly because accused of 'telling stories.'  Effectively the same thing.  She tells me she doesn't want to be overheard on the phone and doesn't want to discuss problems she has with staff directly because she's constantly asked, "Amy, are you telling stories again?"
In both instances I don't know the name of the direct staff involved, although Amy would be able to tell you.  She has been speaking on the phone quietly and muffled lately and trying to avoid names so as to not be overheard by staff.
Also,  I do appreciate your email me the health insurance information my family asked for, but it was my understanding you also mailed it several weeks ago.  I have yet to receive it.  Can I please have an update?
Thank you.
In other news, if Amy has a problem with the abuse a staff member is reigning down on her, she is told by other staff members that she'll need to have a meeting with the abuser if she'd like anything to be done about it.  Somehow, they don't see this as threatening her.

Also, [Residential Director] says Amy is fine and there is no problem.  


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