Thursday, May 24, 2012

Goodbye, stuff.

Things of my moms that I don't really want and never really liked are on their way to Goodwill right now.  My husband is delivering them, because I will pull them out at the last minute.

Two frames of of generic pictures of leaves she bought at Target and I remember chastising her about -- they were generic, it was weird she liked them, and she didn't need to spend money on things -- and then I hung them on the wall for her.

These little glass kissing birds in a dish.  They aren't as cute as they sound.  What is their deal?  They aren't anything, but she kept them.  She's had them my whole life that I can remember.  Did I give them to her?  Did Lori?

I've broken down and called my husband to tell him to pull the glass birds out.  The first two tries my phone wouldn't work.  Is it some kind of sign not to let them go?  Or maybe even a bigger message to let it all go?  Except I don't believe in those things.  The third and fourth tries did go through, but he didn't answer so the glass birds are gone.


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